A visit to Maginificient Blue-Green Hawaii

Aloha (Welcome)!!! We planned to visit 3 great islands. Big Island, Oahu & Kauai. We gathered knowledge by reading many books and selected some places based on the colorful pictures. On Aug 29th 2002 , Sakthi & I flew from Oakland to Kona (Big Island). We were received at Kona Airport with Lei greeting(excellent flowers with unforgettable natural fragrance. Still remember it) Street

On Aug 30th 2002 morning in Kona we got up early and were able to view sunrise from Ocean View resort (King Kamehameha). We got ready for the atlantis submarine adventure. It was a journey into a spectacular blue world more than 100 feet below the surface in the world's most technologically advanced passenger submarine.

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We saw fascinating marine life dancing through unique man-made reefs and suken ships.

After finishing the submarine trip we went to couple of beaches inlcuding one Grey sand beach. We reached `Punalulu - Black sand beach` which is attractive with black sand because of old Volcanic activities. Street Street

Then started the drive towards Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, an Enchanted wonderland. After checking at visitors area we chose to see the "STAR" of the park "Kilauea", the worlds most active volcano. We were able to see red river of fire run down the side after we went on a long walk/hike. It was exciting to see red hot liquid lava flowing near us. After sunset ,we stayed there for a while for greater visibility with fantastic look. Street Street Then we reached Hilo for stay.

Next day morning Aug 31st 2002 we went for Helicopter tour called "Circle of Fire" from Hilo arranged with Blue Hawaiian company which is very popular (helped hollywood for taking movies like Jurassic Park, The Lost World,etc.) and that was for an hour. We were able to see most gelogically active environment on earth with emphasis on the most current areas of volcanic eruptions. We saw Hot Lava flowing from the mount kailuae and Black sand beaches from the aircraft. Street Street Street

Then ,quickly started our drive to No:1 beach in the world "Hapuna". This beach is unimaginably beautiful/colorful with white soft sand. Street Spent couple of hours including little bit of swimming & lunch. Hated to leave from there but we had to catch flight to next great island Oahu-Honololu!

Sep 1st 2002 beautiful morning we got up from the hotel and were able to see one of the world's most popular picture perfect beach - Waikkiki from the hotel we stayed. Enjoyed in the beach till noon. We have never seen such a spectacular beach in our entire life. It was so gorgeous and warm. Street
After a short drive reached an area called "Hanouma Bay" and saw a bluish-green(turquoise) bay from a higher elevation. Some people were swimming and some of them were relaxing in the sand beach area.

Street Street
Then proceeded our drive thru more beaches which were also attractive and drove to Paradise Cove for a Luau Show.

Street Street It presented the grandeur of the Royal Court and Polynesian Show extravaganza to a sumptuous all-you-can-eat feast with favorite beverages and exotic cocktails. It was a fun-filled evening that brought Hawaii home to our heart! Then reached the hotel that night and prepared for leaving next day morning to last Isle of our trip - Kauai - Lihue.

Sep 2nd 2002 early morning reached Lihaue ,rented a convertible car and drove to a falls. After taking pictures we drove passing lush vegetation and tropical flowers and reached Kee Beach. Heard about many hollywood movies (like Jurassic Park, Lost world,etc.) taken in that area. Beaches were totally transparent and green sea was very attractive.
Street Street Street Street
Finally we went to a beach called "Glass Beach" near Eleele Beach. We were able to see various color stones/marbles at the beach. Nowhere else we can see this kind of sand and finally went to last beach of our trip called "Poipu" which was very calm and pleasant. Few kids were swimming. We sat and recalled our entrire sweet trip and lastly saw "Spouting Horn". This activity was making huge noise & looked different. Next day came back to Oakland to reach SanFrancisco area with our hearts filled with evergreen memories that will remain forever and ever!!!!.

Maholo (Thank you)!!!!!

Our thanks goes to all web sites from which we have taken some pictures (+ Our own pictures). Pictures & Cam coverage are available and you will get it if you are interested.

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